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We offer life planning through the use of income properties to our clients.

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to our homepage.
We would appreciate it greatly if you could discover our broad range of capabilities through our real estate business in Japan.

During the period of 2014 to 2018,
we had developed and sold more than 50 newly-built income producing condo buildings in the prime area of central Tokyo,
the project was mainly focused on the properties with the value of JPY 1 billion ~ JPY 3 billion.

In the last 5 years, we have been selling about 10 buildings every year, accordingly, total revenue reached over JPY 120 billion. Especially, after 2017, because some of our competitors in this business moved their target location in the suburban area due to soaring land prices in central Tokyo,
which also created less competitive circumstances, and eventually, our development properties have become rare properties in central Tokyo.
However, Daiichi Relater Co., Ltd. as a firm, we were also required to change against the impact of soaring land prices at that time.

From a different perspective, before 2013, annual number of foreign visitors to Japan never exceeded 8 million visitors.
In terms of national policies, inbound tourism consumption was considered as one of the important policies on ‘so-called’ Abenomics. Japanese government launched comprehensive and effective measures one after another such as easing visa requirements,
providing more enhanced tourism information, and increasing in the number of flights at Haneda Airport.
As a consequence, annual number of foreign visitors to Japan reached about 28 million visitors in 2017, and then, about 32 million visitors in 2018, increased rapidly.
On the other hand, a shortage of hotels became inevitably serious issue in Japan..
Foreseeing growth in inbound tourism demand and looking potential in the hotel business,
we had acquired land for the hotel for the first time in 2015, since then, we have been developing more than 60 hotels thus far.

As mentioned above, in conjunction with our new development of condo buildings,
we are proud of our track record for developing newly-built buildings in more than 100 places of central Tokyo for these 5 years. And the total sales amount exceeded JPY 200 billion.
As long as investors are there and seeking for our development properties, we will not lose our concentration on development.

In the current extremely low interest rate environment, we hope our development properties would be of some help to dividend income or asset income for investors.

Takashi Narata
Chief Executive Officer
Daiichi Realter Co., Ltd.
CEO Narada Takashi

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